Our Culture

The energy of the leaping dog characterizes Target Health. Here are a few attributes of our company that we bring to every project.


We are energetic in our approach to clinical research. From the projects we work on to our desire to push the ball forward in the clinical trial space, we bring an unparalleled level of energy to everything we do.


Target Health is relied upon by companies large and small to deliver services and software that can be counted on, consistently.


A customer recently had a trial where the initial analysis did not show the desired level of efficacy. Unlike other companies, we were loyal to our customer and, in taking another look, found the product worked!

Fast Learner

Our passion about understanding the issues and attacking them head on makes Target Health unique: we are passionate about learning new approaches and applying them to our customers needs.


We only hire the best and the brightest employees, and are committed to ensuring our employees bring their "A" game to every project, large and small.

Trend Setting

It isn't enough to keep up with the market. Target Health is known for setting industry trends: from eSource to Risk Based Monitoring and now Virtual and Direct-to-Patient Trials, our customers benefit from our industry thought leadership.

Culture Clips

O Sole Mio

Adam Harris, performing Pavarotti's favorite aria, O Sole Mio, at a Target Health company party. When not singing, Adam is our Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs.

Our Mascot

Our leaping dog mascot

By Joyce Hays, CEO

In 1993, Jules was dissatisfied with the company he was working for and I had just started a small company called Target Health, focused on marketing for health focused companies. I took a deep breath (we both did), and with the vision of building a CRO that was responsive to customers needs, Target Health was born. 

Because of the dynamic electronic environment of the Big Apple, all around our business, animation seemed to mirror the new world we were working in. When I began a simple company website, our daughter Vanessa added the animated jumping dog.  

Our family has always had a myriad of pets (from guinea pigs to pythons, not  to mention 3 dogs at the time).  The energy of the leaping dog, seemed to characterize all of us in this new business.  And so, the Leaping Dog became a company mascot and has been with us ever since.

Beyond being our mascot, the characteristics of the Leaping Dog define us as a company: Energetic, Trustworthy, Loyal, Fast Learners, Intelligent, and (yes) Trend Setting. These are the characteristics that define everything we do at Target Health.

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