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COVID-19 and the Remote and Paperless Clinical Trial

March 30, 2020

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From New York City to all of our friends and colleagues: First and foremost be safe.

As we are all in this together during this most difficult time for the planet, rapid implementation and deployment of clinical trials to assess life-saving therapeutics and diagnostics is vital for all of us. The entire Target Health team is both honored and humbled that we have been selected to be part of rapid deployment of 2 clinical trials in patients with COVID-19. Not only was our technology solution selected, but we were also selected for our extensive expertise in drug development. Our entire company is up and running (we never missed a beat).  Long ago, we set all employees up so that each person could work remotely, from wherever they were. This was at the insistence of our (then) CEO, Joyce Hays. To repeat, this has been the most humbling event since our founding in 1993.

One trial is planned to start in 3-4 weeks and the other in a similar timeframe. The trials will be managed remotely, understanding the unique needs of each clinical site, and when feasible, the studies will use eInformed consent, real time direct data entry, using our eSource solution, real time data review, online remote monitoring reports, SAE management, etc., all at one website.

As always, we are also part of the strategic development team giving feedback on study design as well as contributing to overall operation planning, such as how to manage drug supply, interactions with the research pharmacy, etc.

We want to make it clear that at this point in time, all of us in the pharmaceutical industry must shine as we are the critical part of the global solution of this terrible pandemic.

We also must again study history in school and not think, because of our expertise in technology, that we are immune to biology.  

For more information about Target Health, contact Warren Pearlson (212-681-2100 ext. 165). For additional information about software tools for paperless clinical trials, please also feel free to contact Dr. Jules T. Mitchel. The Target Health software tools are designed to partner with both CROs and Sponsors. Also visit the Target Health Eating Website to see all of the fantastic recipes since 2012.

Joyce Hays, Founder and Editor in Chief of On Target

Dr. Jules T. Mitchel, Editor

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