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June 8, 2020

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Our deepest feeling of sympathy for those who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19, and wishes for a quick recovery for those with family and friends with COVID-19. Fortunately, all of us at Target Health are well and safe, but we are sad to report that we know people in each of these categories.

Target Health is actively managing 2 COVID-19 studies under open IND's. Treatment has started in one of the trials and enrollment is ongoing in the second trial. One reason reason we were chosen was: While we may not be the biggest (CRO), we are the best!

In addition to the 2 ongoing clinical trials, a pre-IND meeting request was submitted for a product coming out of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat the cytokine storm, and a pre-IND meeting request is being prepared for a SARS-CoV-2 antiviral. Both of these products have been used for other indications under US INDs. There are 2 other potential opportunities pending.

We also run fully paperless trials so for us to do a remote study, is what we have been doing for many years. The key to quality in a clinical trial is not source document verification, but whether the site understands and is following the protocol. Quality by definition is the "absence of errors that matter and are the data fit for purpose." Fortunately, there will be some paradigm changes in the way we as an industry run clinical trials.

We know that this is a difficult time for all, including the planet at large. However, it is important that no matter what is going on, and as troubling as life seems now to be, every day, we must "plant the seeds" for future growth. If we all do, what we do well, together we will beat this. The following is what is working for us in order to get through the pandemic: spend dedicated time each day getting pleasure, whether with family/friends, doing a hobby, playing chess, video games, your favorite music, making music if you have a favorite instrument with you, reading a book, playing Scrabble, taking a nap, watching a movie, cooking something special, making a date with your significant other, or whatever works for you and your families.

Thank you as always and be safe.

For more information about Target Health, contact Kathleen Kane Tremmel (, Vice President, Business Development. For those who have been working with Warren Pearlson (, Director, New Business Development, please continue to do so. For additional information about software tools for paperless clinical trials, please also feel free to contact Dr. Jules T. Mitchel. The Target Health software tools are designed to partner with both CROs and Sponsors. Also visit the Target Health Eating Website to see all of the fantastic recipes since 2012.

Joyce Hays, Founder and Editor in Chief of On Target

Dr. Jules T. Mitchel, Editor

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