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CTTI Recommendations on Registry Trials

May 22, 2017

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Last week, Target Health was honored as Dr. Jules Mitchel joined Dr. John Laschinger (FDA), for a Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) Webinar on CTTI's recommendations on how to design and use registries for prospective clinical trials. The Webinar attracted more than 200 participants and the questions from the attendees were all "on target." According to the CTTI website, "CTTI's recommendations for registry assessment and design can assist in making embedded clinical trials suitable for regulatory purposes. By using registries as a reusable platform for evidence generation, we can improve the efficiency of clinical trials and bring new treatments to patients faster."

The recommendations are now posted on the CTTI website.  


Holden Beach, NC - Pier, Sunset


Dr. Mitchel is in Israel right now at the Biomed meeting, but had the pleasure of being in North Carolina last Wednesday. Our good friend and colleague James Farley was at the meeting and shared some his great photos, in between an intense day of consulting.


It's been a while, since James, photographer extraordinaire, has sent out any photos as he has recently transitioned all of his landscape, architectural and macro/wildlife photography to Advanced Fine Art. These photos were taken at Holden Beach, NC  in mid-April, during Spring Break.


According to James, make sure to zoom-in on the viewer! Even on this resampled version, there is a lot of detail!  :-)))  Shot on his Canon 5D Mark IV and 17mm Tilt-shift. The photo under the pier was a 4-second exposure.

©Advanced Fine Art 2017

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Joyce Hays, Founder and Editor in Chief of On Target

Jules Mitchel, Editor

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