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Good for Any Holiday: Carrots on the Side

September 25, 2017

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Carrots-on-the-Side, a complete carrot change of pace, for your holiday table. Enjoy! ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.


1 cup pistachios, shelled, then toasted  

1 teaspoon cardamom

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup unsalted butter, + more to oil baking dish

1 and 1/4 cups almond flour

4 or 5 medium carrots, scrubbed, peeled, sliced

1/2 cup dark brown sugar

1 extra-large or large egg

Zest of 1 fresh lemon

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1 Pinch salt

Easy to find ingredients.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. With some of the extra butter, oil a pie baking dish, or any low baking dish.  I haven't done it yet, but I think a loaf pan would also work well, although, it might be harder to remove a slice from a loaf pan.  It might crumble and not look as good on a plate; whereas it's easy to cut a triangle shape, from a pie dish to plate.

With butter, oil the pie dish.  I added a little almond flour after oiling, but not necessary.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

3. Clean, peel, slice the carrots.  And toast your pistachios. (set aside)

Scrub, peel and slice the carrots.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

4. In a small deep pan, put the carrot slices, then pour water over them so they're covered.

5. Bring carrots to a boil, over medium to high heat and cook until tender, 15 to 25 minutes.  If the water boils away, add more, so that the carrots are always covered, the whole cooking time.

6. When carrots are done, drain them in a colander, then pat dry with paper towel.

Draining the carrots.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

‍7. Now, put the carrot slices into a bowl of an electric mixer and mash them with a fork.  It's more work, but you can put them in a food processor and pulse, until the carrots are smooth. Let carrots cool in the bowl or in the food processor.

Decided to use a food processor.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

8. When carrots have cooled down, (use a spatula to scrape out all the mashed carrots into the mixing bowl) add the baking soda and 1 Tablespoon warm water in the bowl of an electric mixer and mix to dissolve.

9. Next, into the mixing bowl, add the butter and dark brown sugar and beat.  Get this mixture nice and airy, then beat in the egg. 

10. Keep the beaters going, while you add 1 pinch of salt, lemon zest and the fresh lemon juice.

Do your lemon zest first; put it into a small cup until ready to use.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
A citrus squeezer like this, strains pulp and catches the seeds.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

11. Next add the 1 teaspoon of cardamom, beat, then add the carrots and beat until the mixture is smooth.

12. Last, add the baking powder and the almond flour, and beat until the mixture is very smooth.

I used a regular mixing bowl along with a hand beater. This batter is now ready to pour & scrape into the pie dish. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

13. With a spatula, pour, then scrape all of the batter, into your oiled pie dish.

Just poured the batter into the oiled pie dish and smoothed the top.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Going into the oven to bake for 20 minutes.  Then take out, sprinkle with pistachios and bake for another 10 minutes.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

14. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove and sprinkle chopped pistachios over the top.  Put make in oven and bake for another 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your oven.

15. Test your carrots by pushing with your fingers.  If it pops back easily, it's done. Serve the carrot side dish warm along with any main course.  It will go well with lamb, fish, poultry, beef or a 100% vegetarian meal.

The first time I experimented with the carrots, I hadn't yet thought to sprinkle with pistachios.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Here's a closeup of the lovely moist carrots on the side.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Another attempt, this time with pistachios.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Carrots-on-the-Side.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
We paired this chilled Pouilly-Fuisse with Carrots on the Side, along with a new recipe for veal meatballs in a mushroom sauce (still working on the sauce), mashed truffle cauliflower and my always changing recipe for saffron rice.  ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

We just saw, A Doll's House Part 2, for which Laurie Metcalf won the 2017 Tony for best actress.  There were 7 other Tony nominations for this play.  However, sorry to say, neither Jules or I liked it.  Everyone (the talented people contributing to the production of this play are all awesome) involved in this play, gave it their all, but as far as we're concerned, non of the creativity, saved it.  The interesting dialogue between Nora and her daughter, was not enough to carry the play.  We found the play boring, too talky and were flummoxed as to how there were so many Tony nominations, including a Tony nomination for best play. 

We had dinner in one of our favorite mid-town restaurants, Sardis.  It's the one tourist destination that continues to satisfy real New Yorkers, like us. We have the same corner banquette table held for us, each time we go. The staff is exceptionally friendly, food and wine are good, unique theater d?cor is the same for over 30 or more years, centrally located for theater goers; what's not to like?

©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

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