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Judy Schloss Markowitz is Now a Retiree

July 9, 2018

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From the desk of Dave Luke, PharmD, Sr. Director, Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Target Health Inc.

Target Health Inc. is announcing the retirement of a longtime colleague, Judith (Judy) Schloss Markowitz. Judy is a first generation American whose mother, Ruth, is a Holocaust survivor, and her father immigrated from Germany to the US when he was 2 years of age. A true New Yorker from Queens, with an accent and attitude to prove it, Judy graduated with a Master's degree in Education from Queens College, CUNY. 

Judy joined PhRMA as a clinical monitor at Ives Laboratories - which was then a division of American Home Products (AHP). She then watched the industry merge over her 32 year career from AHP to Ayerst Laboratories, to Wyeth-Ayerst, to Wyeth and finally to Pfizer. Judy joined Target Health as Senior Clinical Project Manager in 2010.

I had the privilege of meeting Judy 18 months ago when I joined Target Health. Judy helped me onboard and we worked very closely on many time-critical projects. I depended on Judy as a very experienced project manager and I will miss her more than I think she will miss her role. Over the last 5 weeks, I keep catching myself saying “What would Judy do?“ I don't know the answer but Judy is just a phone call away. Judy will be missed but not easily forgotten.

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