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Kale/Mushroom Patties with Avocado & Cilantro Topping

September 17, 2018

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Delicious, filling, healthy. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Beautiful presentation with the avocado/cilantro topping. At a dinner party, Friday night, many delectable original recipes were served. This was one of them. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

These kale/mushroom patties were one of Alex Hays' favorite things to eat when he visited us in Manhattan. At any meal, he loved them. Rushing out for an appointment, he would grab one from the fridge and eat it en route.


1 cup quinoa

3 boxes cremini mushrooms (or mixed), cleaned, chopped

2 cups chicken stock or broth

4 eggs, whisked

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

3 spring onions, peeled, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced, not squeezed

Pinch Kosher or sea salt

1 bunch fresh kale, rinsed, chopped, steamed

1 cup Panko crumbs

1 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

Topping: avocado, cilantro, lemon juice, olive oil, juice of 1 garlic clove


Rinse 2 cups of quinoa thoroughly and place the grains in a medium sauce pan with 4 cups of chicken stock or broth. Allow quinoa to soak for 15 minutes. Then, with the lid on the pan, bring the water to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Cook until quinoa is tender and has absorbed the liquid - about 20 minutes. Let cool to room temp.

Quinoa is smaller and healthier than rice. In this photo, I've boiled it for 20 minutes, so it's absorbed all the liquid. Now it's cooling. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

While the quinoa is cooking, rinse kale, tear into small piece and steam it until it's wilted and reduced in volume.

Steam the pieces of fresh kale until they wilt and look like this. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

Sautee the chopped mushrooms in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and chicken broth or stock.

Sautee the mushrooms. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

In a large bowl, mix together cooked quinoa, eggs, Parmesan, spring onions, garlic, salt, steamed kale, and Panko crumbs. Let everything sit for a few minutes to absorb the liquid. You want the batter to be moist, but not runny. Form patties and get your skillet ready for cooking.

Here, I've mixed in all the ingredients except for the wilted kale, which will come next. BTW, feel free to use your hands for mixing something like this. Hands, spoons, it really doesn't matter; just a personal choice. I figure I'm gonna use my hands to make the patties anyway, so-o why not use them to mix. Just don't use electric beaters, because you want a certain amount of texture in these burgers.©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Here's what the mixture looks like after adding the steamed kale, and mixing it together.
Make the patties, (by hand of course). ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Cooking the patties - add more extra virgin olive oil to the pan, if you think you need it. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

Heat 1 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil in a large skillet over medium-low heat. Cook up to 6 patties at a time but don't overcrowd the pan. Better to cook three or four at a time if you don't have a large skillet. Cover the pan and let the patties cook for 7-10 minutes until the under-sides are a deep rich brown. Flip and cook the other side for another 7-10 minutes until both sides are nice and brown. Let patties rest on a cooling rack while you finish the next batch.

The patties were just flipped. The kitchen smells wonderful. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

BTW, never use anything but extra virgin olive oil. If the label just says, "olive oil" or "virgin olive oil" skip it. These words refer to the purity or lack there-of, of the oil. The FDA now regulates olive oil, so extra virgin is referring to the absence of saturated oils that may be added to plain olive oil. We're using olive oil not just for the flavor, but for the health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil is the only one to buy. I also read about scandals connected with olive oil, so now I only buy, if it's from California or Chile.

Just out of the pan; warm, moist but not oily, ready to serve with the avocado/cilantro topping. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

If you find you have more than you can eat at one sitting, you can freeze these patties, and take them out next week for another freshly cooked meal.

Make the topping

Now, quickly, cut up one or two ripe avocados. You can cut them as small cubes, or you can mash the avocado, along with the other ingredients and serve the topping like that. We like both versions of the topping.

In a medium size bowl that you'll also use for serving, add ? cup fresh cilantro, well-chopped, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, juice of 1 garlic clove. Stir these ingredients well. Add the pieces of avocado and stir slowly, to cover all the pieces of avocado. Serve right away, with the kale/mushroom patties

What's great about my recipe is that it works for dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks and brunch.  Last night we served the kale patties at a dinner party. Today, we're having them for brunch, with apoached egg on top. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
Unbelievably delicious for brunch. The combo of the kale/mushroom patty and the avocado and the poached egg is the perfect weekend meal. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.
This chilled Pouilly-Fuisse was perfect with the kale/mushroom patties. This Louis Jadot wine is always reliable for lovely flavor. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health Inc.

Have a great week everyone!

Bon Appetit!

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