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Note from client: WOOHOO! Last patient visit (LPV) occurred today!!!

March 27, 2017


We are always delighted to receive feedback directly from our clients. This recent email made our entire week!

Hi Target Health Friends,
First, I hope those of you on the East Coast are all safe and are able to deal with the severe conditions you are experiencing!  My thoughts and prayers are certainly with all of you!
Second, WOOHOO!  Last patient visit (LPV) occurred today!!!
I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for the phenomenal job you’ve done throughout this study, but especially here, near the end!  We certainly could not have achieved this goal without all of your efforts!  I hope that the next few days are calm and we achieve data lock uneventfully!    We still have a few issues to deal with but, for the most part, I am very happy with where we stand right now:  187/187 Subjects locked, 183/187 Subjects signed by the PI and no (0) outstanding Edit Checks/Queries!  That is amazing and something that I’ve never seen that happen at this stage!  So again, please accept my sincere thanks for all you continue to do!
Pharma Client 2017

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