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Shrimp and Chicken, Fried Rice with Scallion Garnish

December 16, 2019

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This turned out to be an absolutely delicious recipe that we experimented with many times, before publishing it for our wonderful readers. Let me give you a few tips that you may already be aware of: When I cook rice I never use water. I use either chicken broth or coconut milk. If there is any liquid left over, I save it to use in another recipe. The rice used in this particular iteration happened to be cooked in coconut milk. The other tip is: for this recipe, only use left-over rice, or rice that's cooked the day before and refrigerated overnight. Rice made the same day, is not as firm and doesn't taste the same, when mixed with all the other ingredients. Although, I didn't use any butter in this recipe, I have read that butter combined with soy sauce, goes through a chemical process that yields a special umami flavor. I plan to try this soon in another shrimp recipe that I will call: Shanghai Shrimp. (watch for it) ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
A perfect, healthy, comfort food for a winter evening. This is so good, you don't need to plan to serve anything else. Just make a big batch of this and watch how fast it disappears. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC


1 chicken breast, cut into strips, before cooking, or cut into smaller pieces. (your choice)

1 onion, chopped

2 Tablespoons peanut oil

Sesame oil for cooking

1 medium or large carrot, cut into small diced (square) pieces. (Or you decide the shape of the carrots)

1 pound (or more) fresh shrimp, shelled & deveined by fish monger. Leave shrimp whole or cut into pieces (your choice)

10 fresh garlic cloves minced

1 package frozen peas, thaw first

6 eggs, whisked (use as many eggs as you like)

4 cups jasmine rice, cooked, cooled, then refrigerated overnight

2 pinches chili flakes (more to your taste)

3 Tablespoons lite or low sodium Soy Sauce

2 stalks scallions, chop well, on an angle. (I only used the green part)

1/2 teaspoon oyster sauce

Easy to find ingredients. Don't forget to use left-over rice, or cook your rice the day before, then refrigerate. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC


  1. Take your pre-cooked rice out of fridge and let it reach room temperature.
  2. Do all your chopping, cleaning, cutting, cutting, slicing, whisking.
Whisk the eggs, then set aside until needed. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Chopping the scallions, then setting aside. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Cutting carrots. You can cut them in small dices, if you want to. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Chopping the garlic and onion. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Have your fish monger clean and devein the shrimp. But clean them again at home before you cook them. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Slice chicken breast in long strips or cut the chicken in smaller dice shapes. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
  1. Heat 1 Tablespoon of oil in a medium wok or skillet. Add the chopped onion and garlic and cook until soft.
  2. Add carrots to the cooked onions and cook for 5 minutes.
First, the chopped onion and garlic were cooked in sesame oil. Then the carrots were added. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
    5. Meanwhile, in a separate skillet cook the strips of chicken until tender and done. Remove from pan and set aside.
Cooking the chicken strips in sesame oil or use peanut oil. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
    6. In the same skillet, cook the shrimp until opaque and tender about 1 minute on each side. Remove shrimp from heat and set aside.

Cooking the shrimp in sesame oil, then remove from pan and set aside. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
    7. In the same pan as the shrimp, heat 1 Tablespoon of sesame oil and add in eggs stirring constantly until fluffy and not runny. When half or nearly done, remove eggs from heat and set aside.

Partially cooking these eggs. This is the point when we stopped cooking the eggs and removed from heat. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
    8. To the onion, garlic, carrot mixture, add the thawed out peas and stir until heated through.
Added the peas to the pan with garlic, onion and carrots. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

    9. Add the pre-cooked rice to the pan and stir in all the condiments like, oyster sauce, soy sauce and chili flakes. Stir well.
Just added the rice to the pan. Stirring all ingredients together. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Stirring in low sodium soy sauce, oyster sauce and chili flakes. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC
Stirring in all of the partially cooked eggs. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

  1. Finally, add the partially cooked eggs and half the scallions and stir everything together until all ingredients are well combined
  2. Add the shrimp and stir in well.
Look at how beautiful this dish is becoming, as the shrimp get stirred in. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

    12. Add the chicken and combine well with all other ingredients.
Finally, adding the chicken and we're almost done. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

    13. Garnish with the other half of the chopped scallions. (Optional)Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds if you like this idea.
Last, garnish with chopped scallions and get ready for a delicious dinner. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

We started this meal with chilled white wine and an avocado salad with tiny orange tomatoes (oil & lemon dressing, with touch of garlic). Then out came the chicken and shrimp fried rice with some cauliflower on the side. Jules gave my recipe five stars and couldn't stop eating it. I must admit it is extremely flavorful. BTW, the chicken was for him and the shrimp was for me; that's why I included both of these proteins. Nice touch, don't you think? We had red grapes and blueberry amaretto cake for dessert.

Wonderful way to begin the weekend!

Target Health LLC is now an "East meets West" company and we couldn't be more pleased. The world needs more partnerships, not less. On our recipe page, we're delighted to accept the challenge of trying out new ingredients and flavors and want to share with you, whatever we discover. ©Joyce Hays, Target Health LLC

Bon Appetit!

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Have a Great Week Everyone!

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