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To a "Better Year" to Our Friends and Colleagues World-Wide

January 19, 2021

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2020 was not an easy time globally as COVID-19 walloped the world and continues to impact all of us with weekly reports of new variants. The death toll has left a deep impression on every family on the planet. We all know those who have died, gotten sick and still remain so. Now is the time for serious science and data to be allowed to lead. Because one is convinced that the earth is flat, does not make it true. Nor is it to an option for any decision-making. Many of us have been home-bound since March 2020, with no travel and no face-to-face interactions. Fortunately, TEAMS, ZOOM and SKYPE, to mention a few technology solutions came to the rescue. The pharmaceutical industry has also come to the rescue with safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics reaching the market in record times.

Target Health's staff are dedicated to all aspects of Drug, Biologics, Device and Diagnostic Development, including: Strategic Planning, Regulatory Affairs, Toxicology, Clinical Research, Biostatistics, Data Management and Medical Writing. In addition, Target Health has developed innovative web-based software tools supporting the paperless clinical trial that provides our clients with a significant productivity edge. For more information about Target Health, contact Kathleen Kane Tremmel, Vice President, Business Development. For those who have been working with Warren Pearlson, Director, New Business Development, please continue to do so. Also visit the Target Healthy Eating Website, created by Joyce Hays, founder of Target Health, to see all of the fantastic recipes since 2012.

Joyce Hays, Founder and Editor in Chief of On Target

Dr. Jules T. Mitchel, Editor

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