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Clinical Research

Personalized, clinical and project management services tailred to your needs

Data Services

Data management and biostatistical service with outcomes you can rely on


Efficient and cost effective, paperless clinical trials enabled by eSource software


Increase the speed and reliability of your approval process


Studies conducted globally using Target Clinical Trial Software System


Drugs and Devices, using Target Software Suite, have been approved from US, Canada, EU and Japan


Of data is entered in real time in studies run on eSource


What Clients Are Saying?


One of the chief benefits of real-time access to data is the ability to make better decisions faster. Further, one simply cannot do effective risk-based monitoring (RBM) in the absence of timely data. Lastly, this tool enables the merging of non-CRF data with CRF data, and to include those data in reports.

Global head of non-oncology data management


Improved overall quality of clinical trials (data management and integrity); considerable costs and time savings compared to conventional trials using paper. The costs and time savings the software brings is phenomenal and I am satisfied with all the features and functions that the software has to offer.

Clinical Project Manager


Improved our overall process from data entry to queries, monitoring to database lock, and finally final CSR.

Sr. Director, Business Development

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