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Target Health eSource software enables the Paperless Clinical Trial
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Our patented eSource is proven by our CRO and in use every day
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By Sponsors and at sites around the world
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eSource Approach Reduces Overall Trial Cost and Development Time

Benefits of eSource, the Paperless Clinical Trial

Paperless clinical trials (otherwise known as eSource) have a wide variety of benefits, from picking up screening errors faster to major reductions in onsite monitoring. Here are but a few of the benefits:

Acceptance by Regulatory Authorities Proves eSource Works

Successful Filings and Successful Audits

Target Health eSource has been used by drug and device companies in numerous successful filings. And due to our work as a CRO, our software has been audited by FDA.

eSource approach audited by FDA, used in succesfull FDA submissions, paperless system reduces regulatory burden

eSource Used Around the World

Where has eSource Been Used?

The Target Health eSource approach is for more than just the US. Our Software has been used by sponsors and at sites across the globe.

Target Health eSource Used Around the World: North America, South America, Europe, South-East Asia

Software Solutions

Target e*ICF™

Target e*ICF™ (electronic Informed Consent form) allows study subjects or their legal representatives to review the informed consent form online, ask questions about the study (in writing), and then to electronically sign the Informed Consent Form in any language. As with Target e*Studio, it is integrated with Target e*CTR, providing a completely paperless eInformed Consent system.

Target e*Pharmacovigilance

Target e*Pharmacovigilance is a full-featured safety system, designed to be used both with Target e*Studio or as a standalone system. When integrated with Target e*Studio, it captures data from the safety forms, then automatically populates the necessary regulatory forms for Serious Adverse Events. It can even provide notifications to In-Field or In-House Monitors, Site Study Staff, and Sponsor staff of SAEs as they occur.

Target e* Monitoring

Target Document® is a secure, user-friendly, web-based document distribution and management system which enables users, depending on their roles and responsibilities to post, share, electronically sign, search, and archive any electronic document, all within a web browser and without installing any software.

Target CTMS®

Target CTMS™ is a secure, user-friendly, web-based clinical trial management system which enables users, depending on their roles and responsibilities to manage a clinical trial, all within a web browser and without installing any software.

Target Encoder®

Target Encoder® is a secure, user-friendly, web-based coding tool, to code CRF terms to MedDRA and WHODRUG. Once CRF terms are inputted into the System, each CRF term is searched in the designated MedDRA or WHODRUG database.

Target e*Studio

Target e*Studio™ is the backbone of the Target Health Software Suite. It is off-the-shelf EDC software that enables CROs, pharmaceutical, and device companies to design, test, and deploy their studies, across languages and geographies. The easy-to-use forms design and edit check building allows business users to be in control of their forms and allows clinical sites to be in control of their data.

Target e*CTR

Target e*CTR™ is our clinical trial record system, a regulated document management system that is fully integrated with Target e*Studio and all the other components of the Target Health eSource EDC suite of products. Every form that is filled in by study staff, every eInformed Consent form, every SAE form, indeed all data entry forms are stored inside Target e*CTR as indelible PDF files. Complete with version control, the clinical trial record provides study sites with control of their forms and data.


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